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Defrost and Defog Car Heater

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This Defrost & Defog Car Heater is designed to quickly clear the frost, fog, mist on your vehicle’s windshield. It can also be used as your personal heater and lets you enjoy warmer driving in cold winter. Plus, it has a cold air setting that lets you enjoy cooler air during summer or hot days. No more frosted windshield and warming up your car!

Product Features:

  • Fast Heating, Time Saving - It takes only 30 seconds for the heater to blow warm wind in your car.

  • Natural Wind - The car heater comes with 3 outlets to warm, and the wind won’t let you be sleepy like an air condition does.

  • Convenient & Practical - 180 degree holder designed for free adjustment, works perfectly against fog or frost on your windshield blocking your view.

  • Multi Purpose - You can use it to warm your car in winter and use it as a fan in summer. proper size and encircled shell are suitable for everyone’s car.

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