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TEAMGEE H6 Ultra Thin Premium Pintail Electric Skateboard

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$529.00 USD
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Top Speed: 18.5 MPH/30 KPH 

Range: 10 miles/16 km

Replaceable Urethanes

More info: 

High-speed mode: 18.5 MPH 

Low-speed mode: 11 MPH 

Wheelbase: 31 inch

Max load: 220 pounds (100 kg)

Max climb angle: 15-20°

Net weight: 14 lbs

Operation temperature:  5 °F to 104 °F(-15 °C to 40 °C)

Note: Mileage, Speed and Hill Climb Rate will depend on the weight of the rider, condition of the skateboard tires, and other factors. Numbers here were assuming a 160 lb / 73 kg weight rider on new tires and smooth surface.


Capacity: 3.5 Ah

Type: 36V Lithium battery

Charge time: 2 hours


Type: Brushless Motor

Power: 700W Dual motor (350W  each)

Regenerative brake: Yes

Revs: 1800RPM-2200RPM


Material: PU

Hardness: 83 A

Size: 3.27 inch x 2.05 inch

Wireless remote controller:

Capacity: 450 mAh

Battery type: Lithium battery

Charge time: 2 hours

Battery duration: 6-8 hours

Type: 2.4G RF Technology

Package Include:

1 x User Manual

1 x Electric Skateboard

1 x Wireless Remote Controller

1 x Adapter and Charger

1 x T tool

1 x Gift led tail light


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